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BENAH LOVES | Gray Gardens

Speaking of people who inspire us... We've decided to make this a permanent fixture, sharing the work of people who inspire, within the fashion industry and outside of it. It seems like the last couple of posts we've done have been about celebrating all the fantastic, creative ventures of people that we have stumbled upon, or know and love, and we'd love to keep this going. Another incredibly inspiring woman? Meg Gray, formerly of Vogue Australia, now a freelance stylist who runs a blog called Gray Gardens. We love the pun on Big and Little Edie, we love the riot of colour and print and patterns in her styling work, we love that Meg has branched out into the digital realm. Her new site is every bit as exciting and graphic as her work - and her personal style, if any of you know of Meg, you'd know that she is reknowned in the industry for her pink hair and love of Marni and Prada - and we love it. It inspires us to be more colourful, take more risks, embrace change and be open to new things. We can't wait to see what Meg does next!

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