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ART | Aurel Schmidt

We've always loved Aurel Schmidt's work, which uses composite sketches of disparate thing to evoke something - cigarette butts making up a flower, banana peel and bandaids to create the logo for her collaboration with Opening Ceremony. We are so inspired by the way she can create beauty out of trash, and take everyday, mundane elements and bring them together in her artworks to make something quite sublime. We just stumbled upon her book on the literature section of LN-CC (worth a peruse if you have a second, not only is it one of the best online fashion stores in the world, it's also got an amazing book department), which brings together her images with the poetry of Pullitzer prize winner Franz Wright. His poetry is similarly stark and unassuming - utilising everyday imagery, a really, almost forcefully minimalistic tone and an overarching sense of the harsh reality of urban life. His characters, like Schmidt's characters, are the cognoscenti of the everyday; postmen, car drivers, farmers, matching Schmidt's donut rings and toothpaste smears and cigarette lighters. We couldn't think of a more perfect match, and can't wait to get our hands on this book.

Schmidt inspires us not only because of the breadth and force of her vision, but also because of all her side collaborations. We mentioned the one with Opening Ceremony, which sees tee shirts emblazoned with her images (We want one! we want one!!!) but we also like the work she does for Tiny Vices. Tiny Vices is an online gallery that curates the work from artists all around the world. It was started by Tim Barber, the incredible fashion photographer, in New York. Tiny Vices is one of those amazing creative hubs that the internet has made possible, for which we can only be really, truly grateful. What do you think of Aurel Schmidt's work?

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