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Rachel Kara really is something else. Photographer, blogger and total gorgeous soul, she's always got a smile on her face and a readiness to go with the flow. With her relaxed style and easygoing outlook she's a total Benah babe, and we couldn't be more excited to have her sharing a top 10 this month. And it's C-themed - from one of our favourite things; coconuts, to keeping warm in cashmere and cosy knits to, Keith Urban, which doesn't technically start with C, but we'll give it to her, check out her list below (it just might be our favourite so far!)

All photos by Rachel Kara unless specified

one. The Country 

Large open expanses, crisp clean air, long grass, farm houses, wooden swings, fires being lit as the sun disappears the behind the hills...and cows (I think they're v pretty)...and no phone reception. Even one night out of the big smoke makes the world of difference after a busy week. 

 two.  Cups of tea 

 Tea is a constant throughout all months of the year but my hunt for a never-ending mug is becoming a little more urgent as winter fast approaches. The kettle boils any number of times before the day properly kicks off in our house.

 picture: dress up

 A red knit is essential in every wardrobe. Last year I was wearing my Nannas but she has reclaimed it (thanks Nanna) so am needing a replacement. This one by Dress Up ticks all my boxes.

four. Coconuts Young 

Coconuts with nothing more than a hole hacked away with one of those big Aladdin knives to fit a straw. These may seem like more of a summer delicacy but perhaps it's the hydration factor that has me only recently addicted. I should introduce you to the insanely cute human in the photo, that's Erin and when I'm not taking photos I am her nanny - hard job! 

 I just don't think there is any possible way to not like this lady, and I think everyone is that more aware of it after her friendly smiles and beautiful street style snaps infected MBFWA.

six. Clouds 

There have been some spectacular things going on in the sky this month. Sunsets have been looking like silky liquid fires, sunrise is late enough to catch without feeling like a zombie and the lower sun drops the prettier the clouds and shadows become.

seven. Cashmere 

 Is there anyone who doesn't love cashmere? Didn't think so. It's soft and warm and makes you A++++ for hugs if you're wearing it. I do own and cherish it in jumper and blanket form but have discovered a it in head covering form, ie beanie...and guess who happens to make the very one I'm lusting after? Benah

The best kind of cocktail bar you can visit any night of the week, sit and chat with the bar tenders, give them a few flavours your palette is feeling and trust they whip up something you like. I haven't been failed yet. I like it strong but tasty which equates to expensive but I'm ok with that. I now have; a frequent, a local and a destination that I alternate between depending on the goings on for a night. 

... or more specifically Hannah-Rose. I like how she's so pent up full of knowledge on seriously, like, everything from pop culture, movies, writers, fashion and people to travel, history, food, wine etc etc and the way the most obscure facts burst in to conversation at the most appropriate point making it seem like real basic general knowledge. I like how when we talk about food and brainstorm ideas for our future magazine we get very excited and start speaking very quickly and loudly and end up in hysterics! 

 image: The Voice

I truly believe you need to get your womanhood checked if you are not completely smitten with Keith. This particular sequence was taken whilst he was watching Matt Hetherington sing Evie on The Voice, I suggest watching it. I actually suggest watching the whole show if you're not already...and no I'm not biased just because my not-so-little sister happens to be a contestant (plug).

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