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Xiaohan is another big fan of Benah, and we're so glad to have her sharing her top ten this month. She's one talented photographer - shooting street style for her own blog and for Vogue Australia - as well as lensing weddings and all of that good stuff with her partner under the name of Polachinka. Her photographic style is fresh and crisp - like a bright saturday morning - and she always brings out the best in her subjects. And we can't help but revel in her april-themed list of goodies; from easter chocolate to autumn's favourite shade of fallen leaves-burgundy, it's all good. Check out her list below.

All photos by Xiaohan Shen

one.  Teeny tiny pumpkins

I saw these in Woolies the other days and I just had to buy some. How cute are they?! They sat on my kitchen counter for a few days, I almost didn't want to eat them, but I did, I stuffed them with chorizo and baked them. They were DELICIOUS!

No Easter is completely without truckloads of chocolate, but I have a massive soft spot for Lindt bunnies. They are very cute to look at, but also super delicious. I can wolf down a whole bunny in one sitting pretty easily. Mmm...

three. My home grown cherry tomatoes

I grew these all the way from seeds! They are housed in pots and are a part of my edible windowsill, I don't even have a balcony, so growing pretty but non-edible things seem like a bit of a waste. My very small tomato plants are sprouting cherry tomatoes like there's no tomorrow and I'm very happy with this autumn bounty!

four. Autumn leaves
Yellow, orange, red, brown, all shades of pretty. I like looking at them, but I also like stepping on them. I tend to seek out particularly crunchy looking leaves and be all over the footpath like a drunken woman at 11am. Don't be alarmed, it's only me.

 five. Obsessing over J Crew
J Crew has just started to ship to Australia, despite the ridiculous markups, I'm on the site everyday gawking at all the loveliness. I simply love their styling and I'd happily buy many looks from head to toe. Plus who wouldn't want monogrammed shirts, sweaters and even undies!

six. Lipsticks

A mere year ago, I didn't even own a single lipstick and look at me now, I'm kind of addicted. From China reds, orange reds, pinky plums and fluro pinks, seeking out shades that looks good on me has become a bit of a hobby. It's so much cheaper to buy a lipstick than a new dress, FACT.

seven. Burgundy, crimson, maroon

Whatever you call it, it's the colour-du-season. I'm determined to find myself the perfect burgundy sweater this winter. I don't have anything in burgundy in my wardrobe, but my couch is burgundy, so that's a photo of my couch.

I looooove these books! I love the way they look on my bookshelf too and I've built up a small collection already. I also love their size, nice and small and light and perfect for reading in bed.

No it's not a high street clothing chain store, it's THE BEST CAFE in the world and it's in Bryon Bay. I miss it dearly and I wish they'd open up a Sydney branch, preferably right next to my apartment.

He is a Hong Kong film director, one of the best in the world, at least in my opinion. I'm obsessed with his films, actually, I don't think I'm ever not obsessed with his films. I wish I lived in one of his films, that's would be amazing.

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