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sneak peek: sunshadows

While our creative director is away in LA being very busy and important we thought we would share with you a little sneak peek into our new collection. This time around it's all sun and light - with a couple of shadows thrown in - the mix of the quintessential Australian beach imagery and something a little bit more dark in a laser-snakeskin print, a reprisal of our gunmetal hardware from the current a/w season and a few new styles that are sure to become instant classics. But until we can show you everything, here's a little glimpse into Brenda's inspirations going into the new season, as told to the people at Live Fast magazine in LA. 

LF: Tell us about the inspiration behind this collection – Carl Jung’s famed “Shadow” theory.

BENAH: I am always drawn to big ideas. My design process is about learning and discovering new ideas, concepts and theories for myself. It just so happens that fashion is my outlet. It all started from the idea of digital fatigue and what downtime means to different people. That led to the beach prints and the use of spots and stripes as they have become my motif for opposing archetypes. I am consistently using them in my print designs.

I was then researching different quotes and became fascinated with the work of Carl Jung. His ‘Shadow Theory’ is the idea that we all have both light and dark sides to our personalities, and this is this is purely a part of being human. He believed that those who are able to acknowledge, accept and live with all traits as a whole, as opposed to ignore and denying the negative, go onto lead more fulfilled and richer lives.

You can read the rest of the interview here. Keep your eyes trained here to get more sneak peeks into our new collection!
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