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ART | Michael Konig

"LONG LIVE that Upwardlooking
Serene Illustrious and Beatific
Lord of Creation, MAN:
at a least crooking
of Whose compassionate digit, earth's most terrific
quadruped swoons into billiardBalls" 

E.E Cummings, "Space being (don't forget to remember) curved"


This is pretty amazing. This is... pretty amazing. There's something quite awesome - in the traditional sense of the word, awesome as in filled with awe - about this series of time-lapse photos taken by the International Space Station of Earth between August and October. They've been edited together by Michael König into a seamless five minute video that is, seriously, quite sublime. The Aurora Borealis is probably one of the most beautiful naturally occurring phenomena in this world, and it's definitely on our list of things to see before we die. Can you imagine witnessing that blinding blitz of green and red and pink over central United States at night? Truly, truly sensational. It reminds us of that fantastic satirical poem by ee cummings that pokes fun at those that are too obsessed with science. It reminds us that the easiest thing to do is to look up. Plain and simple. There's something pretty amazing up there, just waiting to be seen.

Is it too late to give it all up and become an astronaut?

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