11:35 am

the sale

Everyone loves a good sale. It's the thrill of something new, the excitement of nabbing a bargain, and then the shallow yet irrefutable joy you get when you crow about it to your friends. What of it? Here at Benah we like the simple things. We think you do too, which is why we saw so many of you at the sale on Friday and over the weekend. The surprise hits of the day were the sample scarves - the Trinity, Spectrum, Optic and Eclipse - which were a favourite of everyone who passed through. There were a few sample kodi cuffs that were snatched up pretty fast, as were the olive green kodi bags from last season. The new season Pale Ryder collection was popular as well! It must the hint of summer in the air with everyone dreaming of spending long days at the beach with their Classic Canvas totes licking a Bubble O Bill (anyone remember those?). We had a great time hosting this sale and can't wait to do it again. Leave a comment and tell us what you picked up! 
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