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BENAH LOVES | Head scarves

We love a good head scarf.  Especially for Summer. And we can't get over how many different versions of our favourite accessory there were dominating the catwalks during New York fashion week. Little 1960s twists at Marc Jacobs, leather kercheif looks at Alexander Wang (too hip to handle, as per usual), Pirate-esque bohemia at Nicholas K and glamorous Daisy Buchanan beaded numbers at Ralph Lauren. But our favourite look by far were the turban-style wraps at Karen Walker. The scarves were co-ordinated with the outfits (imagine that! match your scarf to your printed pants!) and wrapped around the models tousled up-dos and affixed at the front with knots, tucks and ties. The result was totally retro - in a good way! - and perfect for summer. We love the idea of a scarf-turban, big sunglasses and a high sun. Even better if there are little whisps of hair poking out. Below are some photos taken of the Karen Walker show by our friend Yimmy Yayo who has been working with Oyster Magazine during New York Fashion Week. They are so beautiful and capture those perfect backstage moments where a bevvy of hair-stylists, make up artists, dressers and consultants work together to get it all picture perfect and runway ready. It's such a frenzy, but it's nice to know that out of chaos can come something truly wonderful. Something to remember during the ridiculous early-morning wardrobe crises that seem to afflict even the best of us...

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