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One's interest in art is deeply personal. You may be drawn to something that another is repelled by or vice versa. Love it or hate it, you don't really need a reason. Art just needs to make you feel something. The most important thing is to let yourself be lead by emotional. Maybe the meaning will come later, maybe it wont?

In this world we need to keep surrounding ourselves with art. In our Art series we will introduce you to some artists we have discovered and love.
Artist : Isabell Yellin
Born : New York City 1987
Currently Resides : London UK

Born and raised in New York, Yellin moved to London in 2013 to pursue an MFA in painting at the Royal College of Art.  Having just completed her second solo show at Vigo Gallery, her new works occupy a space between painting and sculpture. They are begging to be touched, fondled almost. Is it soft? Is it hard? You don't really know until you are up close. And you really need to get up close to see it for all its simple complexity. Much like us humans I suppose?
“They’re skin and bone, but they’re synthetic, the fake version of it. They’re body-like, but they’re also completely foreign. They’re square and rectangle like a painting should be, but they’re also sculptural. They contradict themselves. They’re uncomfortable.” - Isabell Yellin

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