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We have been fans of Kyle Montgomery's since way back, and we are lucky to have two of his Mary's in our collection along with some earlier works. A resident artist of China Heights, Montgomery's work is captivating and spiritually beautiful.

And now the time has come for you to own one too. But be quick, DIVINE PORTALS opens tonight at Mild Manners in Melbourne. With almost 1/2 the pieces sold already, before the doors have opened, it will surely sell out.

The Crystal Mary - is an intentional collision of two separate beliefs in physical form, it combines religion and spirituality to create the ultimate icon. 

View the full catalogue here
Presented in association with Mild Manners Gallery
RVCA Corner Gallery, 82 Stanley St, Collingwood, Victoria

Opens Friday October 23, 6-8pm 

Exhibition continues until November 8.
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