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Blow Up is a competition launched by our friends Paul and Alice, celebrating photography and photographers around the world. Anyone can enter - amateur or professional, digital or film - and the five category winners (portrait, black and white, night, family, instant film) and the overall winner receive a profile in Blow Up's print annual as well as other prizes. The winners will be chosen by Blow Up's impressive judging panel, which includes Derek Henderson, Henrik Purienne and Melanie Rodriguez. What we love about the competition is the importance it places upon craft and form as opposed to name or position. Everyone has the same chance, it's all about what you bring to the table with your particular eye, perspective and vision.

Sans Titre | Melanie Rodriguez

We spoke to co-founder Paul Peterson about starting the project, and what he looks for in a photograph.

one. What inspired you to start Blow Up? Photography has been our passion for a long time. It helps us observe and look at light and colour in new ways…. We want to bring this love of photography into Blow Up and create a print book to inspire people.

two. Why do you think we need a competition like this right now? Photography as an art form is exploding and there is so much available to us. We want to bring all theses amazing photos together and create a network of excited and enthusiastic amateur and professional photographers from all over the world.

three. What are some of the things that you look for in a photograph? Beautiful light, spontaneity, intuition, honesty and depth.
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