12:30 pm


See some people wandering down Pitt Street yesterday carrying bunches of balloons and armfuls of mirror balls? That was probably us, en route to the recently renovated Incu stores in The Galeries, where we were installing our window. Starring a custom neon sign emblazoned with the slogan 'That Feeling', the windows also feature white balloons and six very funky mirror balls. It's all about celebration, kicking up your heels and having a little fun. To celebrate, we asked Incu womens buyer Laeticia Masselos what were five things giving her that feeling right now. Here are her answers: 

  • My upcoming buying trip to Paris next month.  (aside from being excited about seeing all the new collections, I can’t wait to get my Rose Bakery fix!)
  • Upcoming European summer holiday to France, Italy & Greece. 
  • Perfecting recipes from new cookbooks (‘My Darling Lemon Thyme’, ‘The Green Kitchen’ & ‘Amalfi Coast Recipes’)
  • Fresh flowers
  • Banjo Bears – a recent discovery & new obsession

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