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MUSIC | Angus & Julia Stone

Australian siblings Angus and Julia Stone are set to launch a brand new album produced by the legendary Def Jam Records founder Rick Rubin. If you managed to catch the premier of their new single 'Heart Beat Slow' earlier this week on Triple J you may be as excited about this as we are. And if you didn't, listen to it here. In an interview with Music Feeds Julia revealed,
'He wanted to give our sound a bit more groove. His way of doing that was choosing a rhythm section that was predominantly hip hop'
Named the most important producer of the last 20 years by MTV,  Mr Rubins is responsible for some of the most memorable albums of our time. From The Bestie Boys, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and Public Enemy, right through to Lana Del Ray and Kanye West. So it will be interesting to see what magic he weaves with this brother and sister duo.

The self titled album with custom type by Gemma O'Brien is set for release on Friday August 1st.

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