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BENAH LOVES | Synastry

The great Carl Jung once claimed, “We are born at a given moment, in a given place, and like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and of the season in which we are born.” Believers and skeptics alike, astrology has fascinated human beings since the beginning of civilization itself, and here at Benah were are no exception! We have been hungrily devouring page after page of The Compleat Astrologer, a beautiful hard cover book by husband-and-wife team, Derek and Julia Parker. This pair of perfectly matched lovers has chronicled the 6000 years of astrology, from the astrologer-priests of Babylon to modern interpreters during the Age of Aquarius. The Parkers outline the basis of Synastry, the study of the astrological nature of relationships, and according to these lessons of Synastry, the celestial bodies have a permanent influence on our lives, and on our romantic relationships with other people.

Yes, reading our often-dry daily horoscopes provides insight into whether certain planets will have a positive affect on our financial situation, or if we’ll see changes at work. But what of the more pressing questions… those of love, for instance? Are we better suited to a partnership with a grounding, reliable earth sign, or to a hot and heavy romance with a fire sign? These questions prompted us to read the wise words of everybody’s favourite contemporary astrologer, Susan Miller from Astrology Zone. Of course, Miller and the Parkers, remind us that astrology is not destiny, but in light of Valentine’s Day, we have attempted to learn more about the universal forces that attract us to our potential loves, and we invite you to do the same! You might find that you are better able to understand yourself in the process. 

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