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The Line in Los Angeles is a hotel built for people like us. Going to Coachella? Well after emerging from the valley, weary from the weekend of cali sun and music, this is the place you'll be wanting to rest and recharge in the City of Angels.

Only opening its doors on Jan 1st, The Line is brand new but with some established game players behind the set up. If it looks a little familiar you'll be happy to hear that the developers behind old favourites The Ace Hotel in New York & Palm Springs also had their hand in this.

The hotel is heavily built on collaborations with local artists & businesses. The restored mid-century building brings together some of LA's finest entrepreneur's under one roof. Such as Venice Beach design studio Knibb, responsible for the LA homes of Roman Coppola and Mark Ruffalo; who designed the overall look and feel.

Located in the hot downtown district of KoreaTown, home to southern California's highest concentration of restaurants and bars; you are able to hire bikes to explore the neighbourhood that apparently never sleeps.

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