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Jared Leto is having his time in the sun. But, to anyone who was a fan of My So Called Life, did he ever really leave it?

Winning the Golden Globe for Dallas Buyers Club and now nominated for an Oscar, It seems like Jordan Catalano has been living the dream and staying true to himself all these years. All 42 of them, Can you believe it!?  Looks like he's been drinking from the same fountain of youth as this guy.

The man isn't only easy on the eye, he's also got a way with words. W Magazine has a great video channel on their website and if you aren't familiar we suggest you take a look and watch an interview with Jared for their Screen Test series. 

You would be familiar with his acting in cult films such as Requiem for a Dream, Fight Club and American Psycho. But if you are not familiar with his music, below is a pretty cool music video/short film with some face's you are sure to recognise. 

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