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ART | Crowd

David Taylor describes himself as a 'Craftsman Extraordinaire'. A title that is both fitting and a slight understatement in our eyes. The stockholm-based Scotsman is a contemporary artisan who incorporates elements of design, art and metal craft in his work. By cleverly combining post-industrial waste with precious metal, DIY components and other metals; Taylor is able to create unique and extraordinary objects. 

His most recent body of work titled 'Crowd' is a series of candlesticks build to embody human characteristics with each bearing it's own name. The assemlbly of approximately 30 pieces works as an organic community that changes over time when some are bought and others are made to replace them. Much like when old friends leave on an overseas adventure and new ones spring up to fill the space they have left behind. And while each piece stands alone, collectively they share a sense of cohesion when in the company of their 'friends'.

The idea of useable objects as art is one that appeals. We love Taylor's unique ability of melding contrasting materials, such as concrete, brass, bakelite and leather together to build something so utterly tactile and beautiful.  

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