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ART | Henrietta Harris

There is something about people who can draw, like really draw.
And people that draw people. Well, they are just more amazing.

Henrietta Harris is one of these gifted people and I recently discovered her work through an interview she did with one of our stockist The Department Store

I think there is so much digital art around these days, seeing an actual sketch or painting is much like receiving a hand written letter. The

I like  a lot of things about Henrietta and her work, but here are a few reasons in no particular order

1. Her first name and last name have the same letters
2. She is a New Zealander
3. She has been able to blend her style and talent into the commercial world with ease
4. She will draw your pet if you ask nicely
5. Her skewed portraits are so beautiful and memorizing
6. She seems to just draw things she loves and not things that she thinks she should


'Very busy and important'
You are able to buy a selection of her works directly from her website.
Did someone say Christmas present??

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