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BENAH LOVES | Raf Simons

The best kind of beginnings are fresh. They are a break - but not a clean one. They are a new start, but not a complete departure. They are fresh like one million beautiful flowers. They are fresh like a fitted corset and pantsuit for an evening gala. They are fresh like hair slicked wet back and a free, unadorned decolletage. They are fresh like a modern spin on a classic, a new set of eyes presenting an old set of values. 

We have always loved Raf Simons, the Belgian designer ex of Jil Sander, and currently the saving grace at Dior. We loved what he did at the Milan-based brand, we loved each ode to minimalism and modernism that he sent out, refined and clear and composed. We loved his final Jil Sander collection - the one with the models clutching the coats closed at their chests, a fragile, vulnerable gesture that spoke volumes about how big the change to Dior would be. Dior is one of the biggest fashion houses - it still does haute couture - and to take the job on would have been a hefty task. We were so excited to see this video pop up that gives a look inside Raf Simons' mind as he was preparing for his debut as the new creative director at Christian Dior. Everything he says resonates with us as designers and consumers of fashion, the idea of 're-adapting the attitude' and 're-shaping the psychology', the idea of bringing your own sense of vibrancy and dynamism to the world of high fashion and luxury, the need to combine radicalism with history. That's what luxury is all about. As we discovered when we first read these gems of luxury wisdom, heritage is the combination of history and innovation. We can't wait to see what Raf Simons does at Christian Dior!

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