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BENAH LOVES | Mirrored Sunglasses

1-3: tommy ton for, 4: mama tuppy, 5: street peeper

We're not sure entirely why, but at the moment we can't get enough of mirrored sunglasses. There's something about them, you know? Like how crazy and retro and late 80s, early 90s gangster the whole thing is... We love anything that adds a fun, humorous touch to an outfit. Style should never be taken too seriously. Holographic iPad cases anyone? Mirrored sunglasses are just like that. A bit of crazy to liven up any outfit. Unless you're as amazing as Taylor Tomasi Hill and you wear them with printed blazers, fringed leather neckpieces and drop-crotch khaki pants. That outfit is crazy enough as it is, but the mirrored sunglasses make it even more so. We're hoping to catch the last rays of sunshine wearing our long, midi-length Dries Van Noten dip-dyed denim skirt, plain grey tee shirts and mirrored sunglasses. Next summer we predict everyone will be wearing them - from the legitimate pilots and surfers who actually need them to the fashionista on the street. You heard it here first.

What do you think of mirrored sunglasses?
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