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BENAH LOVES | Balenciaga Sci-fi

first picture from purple diary, collage by our friend Anna on her blog The Indulgent

One of the biggest inspirations for the current winter collection was the world of science-fiction, in particular Phillip K Dick's oeuvre of speculative novels and the film Blade Runner. Little known Benah fact - all the scarves from this collection are named after one of Phillip K Dick's ex wives. So, naturally, when we saw the sweatshirts from the recent FW 12-13 Balenciaga collection emblazoned with images from cult science fiction film Liquid Sky, where Aliens come to planet Earth in search of Heroin. Hard-hitting stuff from the 1980s. There's always something super-cool about Balenciaga, whether it be Lego-heels or those plunging visor hats. From this season it's definitely these awesome sweatshirts. Is it the sheen on the sleeves? Is it the kitsch print? Is it the ballooning shoulders and boxy cut? We'd love them paired with pleated leather pants - even in pale lilac like Hanne Gaby is wearing - but we'd also love them just with a simple pair of jeans, and we'd love them in our wardrobe please.
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